Greetings, and welcome--

Hello, my name is Jacob Fitzgerald and I am a geeky Canadian fella currently living in the UK!

I graduated from the University of British Columbia in Kelowna, BC in May 2019 with a BA in English and Cultural Studies, and have been living in the North-West of England since September 2019 with my lovely partner.

My studies lie in the fields of interactive media and entertainment, English literature, and where these two meet. I'm also highly interested in the curation/archiving of interactive digital works, and how to present these in either a museum space, or other educational venue.

I'm hand-making this website to not only experiment with HTML coding, but also use this space as a portfolio of written works and other projects of mine. A space one can easily view and mingle around with!

Over the next little while, this website will be under construction--I'll be breaking out different parts of the website into their respective pages, and I'm looking forward to experiemnt with the form and layout of the pages to make my personality pop. It's going to have weird zones. It's going to be saucy. You'll see.