Here, you can find some works I've made during my undergrad and beyond. I'm working on adapting those essays into a legible format to view in your browser.

Applying Speech, Writing, Code: Three Worldviews: Code anthropolgu and the "secret pedagogy" of reverse-engineering coder circles [November 2016]

I wrote this piece for a critical theory class. Taking a closer look at "language bridges" of written code languages old and new; Brian Provinciano's ROM City Rampage and "new" old games performing as art bridging the two worlds.

Reverance in the Material [December 2018]

Film prop replication has always been rad, and Adam Savage's work replicating Blade Runner props bring about notions of the simulacra, passion, and the gutai art movement.

Stanley Parable "Testing" essay [October 2016]

This early essay of mine is just me dipping my toes in thinking critical about postmodern moves in video game narratives. Short and sweet.

Wife of Bath and the violent event [November 2018]

More Homage! Orwell! and Chaucer!

Final Essay for DIY PUNK [April 2018]

This longer essay discusses 924 Gilman, DIY ethos in the punk and Maker sphere, as well as raving in an abandoned bible camp on a cold October night in the Okanagan.

Orwell’s growing resentment: Homage as proto-postmodern text through ambiguity, vignette, and an unfinished search for truth [April 2018]

Orwell and vignetting.

Innocuous testimony is not so: Robert Graves and Edgar Russell Blenkarn’s accounts of the deceased in the Great War, and connecting past face-value spectacle [December 2017]

Connecting Robert Graves and my great-great grandfather; Testimony, pain, spectacle

Video Links

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